Maria Sanner, contralto

Opera and concert singer

Maria Sanner, contralto

Opera and concert singer

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Maria Sanner, swedish contralto


...has during the last year made her debut at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, at Malmö Opera and at Confidencen in Stockholm.


Among other things, she is the soloist in "Journal" by Vivier

with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir in Stockholm Concert hall this spring and this summer she sings the leading role

of Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice at Confidencen.



”Sanners sångkonst går rakt in i hjärtat.”

"Sanner's art of singing goes straight to the heart"



”Mit entwaffnendem Charme, burlesker Ironie und einer wunderbar tragenden Stimme"

”With disarming charm, burlesque irony and a wonderfully well-supported voice…"


"Hennes förråd av nyanser /.../ tycktes outtömligt"

"Her supply of nuances /.../ seemed inexhaustible"



”Die bezauberndsten, wie entrückt wirkenden Momente dieser h-Moll-Messe aber schuf die Altistin Maria Sanner"

”However, the most enchanting, ravishing moments of this b-minor Mass, were created by the alto Maria Sanner"

Nürnberger Zeitung



Photos: 1&6: Jennie Adén 2: Katja Taubermann

3&8: Martin Hellström 4:Mats Bäcker 5:M Sanner

7:Ulrike Henning

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